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About Us

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We are the modern realist and minimalist. We make our own interpretation to create contemporary models in every shoes - Simple but radical in concept and form.

Lower began operation in 2018 focused on making customized hand-crafted designer women shoes. We keep ‘slow-fashion’ values and design techniques with ethical supply chains. Lower’s shoes are unique, esthetic and quality-made that will hold a test of time. Inside our cozy artisanal workshop in the heart of Seoul, Korea, the traditional way of making shoes is performed from start to finish by our expert craftsmen.


카카오톡 아이디: lower_official lower_official

상담원 채팅 가능시간: 월~금 10:00~16:00

현재 상담시간이 아닙니다.

유선번호: 070-7622-6960

About Us

상호명 : 로우어 (Lower) 사업자번호조회

대표 : 이진주

사업자등록번호 : 415-11-61184 (일반과세자)

통신판매업신고번호 : 2022-의정부송산-0473

개인정보관리자 : 이진주

이메일 : lower.official.info@gmail.com

대표전화 : 070-7622-6960

주소 :

경기도 의정부시 동일로 660 (금오2차 신도브래뉴 업)
212동 1301호

Bank Info

은행명 : 카카오뱅크

계좌번호 : 3333174580475

예금주 : 이진주